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Why CliniFact?

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Painless Transition

Convert from paper to digital with a simple, affordable solution

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Empathetic User Experience Design

Developed for doctors by doctors

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Intuitive Interface

No change in doctors’ workflow or behavior


Natural clinical process

CliniFact's proprietary technology lets you write, type, draw or annotate whichever way suits you.

Optimized workflow

Spend more time with patients and not on computers. CliniFact is made to support your normal workflow so that your patients don't feel disconnected.

Universal printing

CliniFact’s integrated proprietary print app makes print possible from any tablet to any printer, located almost anywhere; in clinic, in a different room or a remote location.

Advanced data analytics

Analyze patient data and find patterns or latest trends to improve your productivity and optimize delivery of care.

Secure data access

Access your patient data from anywhere through the cloud. All your data is encrypted and saved securely on redundant servers.

 Platform agnostic solution

CliniFact works on all major platforms like iOS, Android and Windows.

How It Works

Capturing patient visit

New Patient

As soon as a patient enters the clinic, their demographic details are captured through a simple form. The details can be captured by a nurse, the doctor or by the patient themselves, which then gets reflected in the main app.

Existing Patient

The existing patient details can be searched by name, phone number or previous date of visit. The doctor gets access to the patient’s previous clinical and prescription history.

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Feature Image

Clinical note taking

Enter Notes Naturally

The doctor enters notes naturally using any input method such as a stylus, touchpad or a digital pen. The doctor can write, draw or type on the app.

Annotate & Custom Templates

The doctors can even upload their own templates and annotate.

Prescription writing

Choose Prescription Format

The doctor can use the plain note format or the template developed as per the medical council guidelines.

Capture Pharmacy Details

There is also a provision to capture the details of the pharmacy that dispenses the prescription.

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Feature Image

Printing records

Print Directly From Your Tablet

The patient record can be printed from any tablet to any printer.

Print Anywhere

The print can happen in the clinic, in a different room or even a remote location.


What people are saying about CliniFact

Based on my experience as an interventional cardiologist, I clearly see the need for an app like CliniFact for doctors as well as hospitals. I liked the idea because it can solve a big pain point for doctors like me through a simple but effective solution that doesn’t interfere with our workflow.

Dr. Sameer Pagad, Bombay Hospital

I firmly believe there is a pressing need of technology in healthcare and this venture is going to solve some real challenges of today and tomorrow. The team has excellent blend of core competence, skills, understanding and add that with market need, this is going to make a big difference to society.

Sandeep Bhanushali, Abbott Nutrition

CliniFact can bring efficiency, convenience and reduction in cost of creating, circulating and maintaining medical records which is also environment friendly. The team is passionate and well informed about the medical profession. They have researched extensively and interviewed doctors and held focus group discussions to understand the challenges of doctors. I believe this is one of the best examples of a business start-up that also provide social benefits.

Vipin Naik, IBM India

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